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CEO Kira of Kira’s Erotic Soul Food

Kira is the CEO of Kira’s erotic soul food and wings catering. Kiara aims to feed your M.I.N.D B.O.D.Y and SOUL with love. Kiara resides in Atlanta and has been in business for over 8 years. Cooking is Kiara’s passion and would to share the love of food all over the universe. She currently hosts Private events, baby showers, date nights, video shoots, and talk shows.

PWH: Describe your food style in four words.

K: Liberating, Love, Body, and Soul

PWH: What sparked your interest in catering?

K: My Great Grandmother

PWH: What can women expect when visiting Kiara’s Erotic Soulfood and Wings?

K: A Liberating Sexy Experience Feeding The Mind, Body, and Soul With Love

PWH: What has been most rewarding in your career as a caterer?

K: Meeting and Greeting A lot Of Wonderful People that love Kira’s Erotic Soulfood and Wings That’s Priceless 

PWH: What advice do you have for someone wanting to enter the food scene?

K: Embark in your dreams there are a lot of great opportunities in the food Market 

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